How to treat HPV Infections

A HPV infection or any other infection that is caused by a virus makes people to think that they have to make their lifestyles better by changing them because they are toxic or poisonous because the Latin meaning of virus is poison. Issues that concern sexuality, survival, connection with the earth and being grounded become a serious concern for most people who have an infection that is caused by HPV. 

The blood of people who have HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) is poisonous or toxic .Hence, just like all other infections that are caused by viruses, their bodies need cleansing. However, in order for it to be effective, these people must emphasize on cleaning not only their blood but also their major eliminative channels namely, the colon, kidneys, lungs and liver, which help in filtering the blood. 

According to women who are victims of HPV, detoxification or cleansing exacerbates the outbreaks that this virus causes and the pain that accompanies them because the vagina is also an eliminative channel. Since the Body Intelligence eliminates or expels waste from the body by using lesions and warts, outbreaks show that healing is taking place and hence, they are a good sign. 

Many of the women who have contracted HPV (in greek κονδυλώματα) admit that they did so through sexual intercourse because their spouses were unfaithful to them or they were unfaithful to their partners. Whichever way they contracted this infection, their genitalia are the victims of their actions, which they should have done in private. Hence, the private parts in their bodies suffer the consequences of the acts that were supposed to be discreet or private. In other words, dark areas or spots on the body are a manifestation of the things that people who contract HPV do in the dark.

A daily regimen that involves the use of powerful herbs that strengthen or boost the immune system, nervine, and antivirals is highly recommended after the cleansing of the major eliminative channels and the blood.