What is HPV?

Doctors are nowadays taking measures to address the HPV because the cases that pertain to it are increasing significantly. Specific parts of the body and especially the feet and hands develop warts because of this virus. According to some allegations, the mucous membranes of the genital, anal, and oral cavities develop lesions because of the HPV Human Papilloma Virus. Statistics and research by Western medical institutions, doctors have identified over 50 types of this virus. They suggest that precancerous and cancerous conditions develop because of a few types of the HPV. 
According to studies and research by Western medicine, sexual contact can lead to the transmission of the HPV and women who have cervical cancer are its most common victims. Unfortunately, Western medicine does not have a cure for it. However, conventional surgery, laser treatment, or cryosurgeries, which are painful procedures, can remove the warts. Just like other diseases and infections that are caused by other types of viruses such as genital herpes, healing is possible when people use these approaches thanks to alternative healing and medicine. Knowledge about something is a necessity in order for people to heal from it. For this reason, they first need to know what a virus is. Virus means poison in Latin. 

Specific areas of the body and especially the genital area have critters such as worms, parasites and microorganisms because toxic conditions that affect the blood or viral infections are poisonous. This is the reason behind the occurrence of manifestations or outbreaks in or on the genital areas in people who have an infection that is caused by the (in greek κονδυλώματα) (Herpes or Human Papilloma Virus). All diseases ultimately manifest themselves physically but they are first energetic and it is for this reason that people who have genital ones are forced to examine their base chakra or root, which is the energy center in their genitals, in order for them to find any imbalance in the energy in these areas.